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Canonical tag versus 301 redirect


Knowing when & why to use canonical tags or 301 redirect methods will help for your SEO and also increases user experience of your site. Canonical Tags 301 Redirect Canonical tag indicates search engines that multiple versions of this page (or content) is available. Keep other versions available for people, ...

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What is Canonical issue & how to fix it

What is Cannonical Issue

When multiple pages have the same content but different URLs, Will result in a splitting of link juice between different URL’s. Problems of Canonical issues: Search engines get confused as they dont know which version to index Instead of having a single page with a lot of popularity, you have ...

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How to install CQ5


Installing CQ WCM Author and Publish Instances using Quickstart Pre requirements to install Adobe CQ5 Cq5 quick start jar. Valid license key Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Version 1.6.x is preferred At least 2 GB of RAM 2 GB free disk space in the deployment directory Installing an Author Instance: On ...

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